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We create a vision from your imagination. Then, we apply the magic of science and mathematics, add the heritage of our professional experience and our knowledge of nature’s materials to create the structural design that will bring it to life. Our mission is to design structures that minimise costs, maximise safety, sustainability and suitability, without compromising on design.


We are Icon Consulting Engineers.

We plan things differently. We are different.

A structural design can be sophisticated, eloquent and economic, but if it is late, ambiguous or difficult to construct then it has failed. – Norman Train, 90th president of The Institution of Structural Engineers.

Icon Consulting Engineers offers specialist structural engineering services for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Whether it’s your forever home, your next investment property or a commercial venture, we’ll work with you to realise your project’s potential and deliver structural solutions that capitalise on every opportunity. Together, we can minimise costs, simplify the construction process and enhance the outcomes.


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Our portfolio of successful projects ranges from the construction of family homes and luxury residences to property renovations and commercial or industrial developments. Explore our track-record of success to inspire your next venture.

Structural engineering: from day one to job done

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