Scott Fairley


Scott entered the engineering profession with perfection in mind. If it can be made perfect, then why not do so. With a very fine eye for detail, he has designed and provided construction supervision for some of the most luxurious homes in Queensland.

Since first establishing the organisation in 2009, his founding approach remains the same – simplicity is key. Whether it’s a high-end architecturally designed home, large scale industrial or commercial project, he is committed to pushing the boundaries with ingeniously simple, practical designs.

As a commercially licensed builder, Scott also has the real-world experience to ensure every project is structurally sound, practical, and cost-effective. This balanced approach gives every client the peace of mind that they’re in good hands. Scott’s relationships with his clients are the core of our business and our reputation is of paramount importance. When not busy in the office, he can be found chasing waves, fishing, or finding great heights on the motocross track.