Tom (Yu-Kun) Chang


Tom (Yu-Kun) Chang has been in the engineering game for more than a decade now. It goes without saying that he’s got exceptional knowledge and experience, but it’s his relentless passion that truly sets him apart. Since graduating with Honours in a Bachelor of Engineering and then obtaining a Masters in Structural Engineering, Tom’s poured his every effort into continually redefining the possibilities for the mining, industrial, commercial and residential sectors. Combined with comprehensive knowledge of the Australian Standards, and high-speed proficiency with design software, he comes into his own with highly complicated projects.

As part of the Icon Consulting Engineers team, Tom specialises in the design of reinforced concrete prestigious residential homes. When performing structural site inspections, Tom’s accept nothing less than perfect attitude ensures that the quality of construction remains of the highest level. After-hours, you’ll catch him winding down with a game of basketball or a weights session at the gym.